Sprite animation

2D graphics of a robot

Welcome to our website! We are glad to introduce you a delightful world of 2D graphics and animation. If you are an art designer or a game animator, you have probably already faced the problem of creating a unique animated character. In graphics design for 2D games, a sprite is an animation that is integrated into a game background graphics. Sprite sheet is a graphical image that contains sequence of all frames of an animated 2D sprite. Creating of a sprite animation, sprite sheet or a gif animation was always boring and tedious work for any animator. We are going to help you solve this problem. From now on animation of a character for 2D games will become a very easy task due to our sprite animator software, tutorials and our library of models and textures. In this site you will learn how to draw vector graphics, how to convert raster graphics into vector graphics, how to animate a picture or even a photo using skeletal or bone technique and create a 2D sprite, how to make a sprite sheet and a gif animation.


How to create a sprite sheet:

1a. Draw static textures for a bones of a character. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to do that.

Textures for a 2D robot model


 1b. ...or just simply cut an existing picture to make textures for movable parts (bones) of a future animation.

 cut a static picture
see animated pink panther here.


1c. ...or even cut an existing photo.

animation of a photo

see animated photo here. Check out our video tutorials to see the animation process of this photo.


 2. Make/edit a 2D skeletal or bone model in our Sprite Animator. Watch our tutorials to learn how to do that.

skeleton sprite animation

 3. Use textures on bones of a model and render .gif file. Use the options panel of the animator to set animation dimensions and a delay between frames...

2D sprite robot animation

 4. ...or just render a sprite sheet of your character for your game. Use the options panel of the animator to set dimensions and orientation of the frames sequence on the sheet.

Sprite sheet graphics


You can use a sprite sheet to create animation directly through your code or just simply import it to Unity.