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Anatomy sprite animator 1

Anatomy sprite animator 2


  Anatomy 1 Anatomy 2
OS Win, Mac, Linux Win, Mac, Linux
Real-time animation while drawing. Unique feature of our program that allows you to edit a single frame of an animation while it runs
Bone-based animation technique. Create a skeleton, animate it and attach textures
Easy control of texture layers
Replaceable textures
Key frames concept. Automatically creation of transition frames between any two "key" frames
Flexible sprite sheet layout
Re-scale of sprite sheet
Re-scale of whole model -
save file format Encrypted Coordinates of all bones in JSON format
Texture transform Fitting bone nodes on texture Fitting texture to a bone (easier)
Export to gif -
Preview of frames in a small size. This feature allows you to drag'n'drop frames to change order -
Documentation -
Transform multiple bones -
Adjustable canvas colors (have no influence on rendered sprite sheet) -
Price  $25  $34.9
Payment method  PayPal,
Credit Card
 Google wallet,
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